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Welcome to the BBZ: Business Women's Network

Are you a go-getter gal, passionate about your business, and ready to take it to the next level?


You've just stumbled upon the most fantastic community tailored exclusively for you!

BBZ: Business Women's Network, is not your ordinary networking - it's your ultimate source of inspiration, empowerment, and pure awesomeness.

Together, we can make your business shine!


Join the BBZ Community

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Facebook Group 

Join our community of women on Facebook where you can connect, support and inspire other local women. 

This is a great community and best of all it's FREE.

Just click the link below, answer the questions and join the community


Networking Events

Networking is such a powerful tool for any business owner. 

Our in-person and zoom events will be a fantastic place to share skills, network and make connections with other local businesses. 

Events will be happening every month, so make sure you check back for updates


BBZ Membership

The BBZ Membership has now launched!

It is available for a limited time. 

This has lots of benefits for local business owners.



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Empowered Women, Empower Women 

Zaria 2023 Brand Shoot-4.jpg

Zaria Young ( nee Sleith)  is a Brand Photography Expert, who works with female business owners, helping them stand out from the crowd, be more visible in business and increase engagement. Zaria uses her passion for successful business owners, creativity and extensive photography knowledge to create beautiful bespoke images and branding.


When working with her local clients, she realised there is a need for a community that will empower, support, engage and inspire the local businesses within Lanarkshire. This is why she decided to launch the BBZ: Business Women’s Network.

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