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Networking Doesn't Need to be Boring

Some people love it, some people dread it, but networking is a
An essential part of being a business owner. It’s okay if you’re not sure how to network; this guide will help you. Networking can be daunting to start with, but incredible things can come out of networking. Just think, If you go along, don’t like it, you don’t need to go back, and it’s a story to tell.

Benefits of Networking

There are so many networking benefits. Networking should be the expectation of selling. It’s about building professional connections in business. Here are some of my favourite uses of networking.

  • Building the know like and trust helps your name to be known within the community

  • Collaborations

  • Make friendships; it doesn’t all need to be about business.

  • Learn new skills

  • Bounce ideas off

  • Support for the highs and lows in business.

It is finding the right networking group for you.

There are LOTS of networking groups out there. It can take some time to find a group that works for you. I have tried many different groups, some I LOVE, and others are just not for me. Here are some key points to think about when finding a networking group that suits you.

Where are the members? Are they local or national, or international?

If your product/service can only be used/shipped locally, joining an international only group may not benefit you, something on a local level may be suit you better.

Is it in person or on Zoom?

Zoom has been a great option through lockdown, but many people are all Zoomed out. In-person networking is very different, and I feel it’s easier to build connections. It would be best if you found what suits you best. Maybe Zoom is more accessible for time management.

Are they your tribe?

I have been to some networking groups, where the vibe is not for me. Others I have felt part of the ‘tribe’ and felt more comfortable around it. I’m not a fan of the male boardroom networking events; I have found that many groups are dominated by this style, even female-only groups. Networking CAN be friendly, fun and not Pitch only zones.

·Are they child friendly?

Many groups don’t allow children and are very professional. This may be right up your street. There are very few groups that will enable children to attend, but they are out there. Please keep reading to find out about my favourite child-friendly group.

Give more than you take

So many times, people join networking groups and think that they are only for pitching or spammy sales.

NewsFlash – Spammy sales was so last season!

It’s all about building connections now. If someone in your group asks a question, try and answer it. It shows your name appearing, and people will start seeing you in the community.

Top Tip:- Not sure of an answer, google it.

Make connections

It’s okay to network with people in your industry. You never know when you might need a helping hand, and it’s good to have those connections. Keep a record of what people are saying in their introductions, not just their name & business. Did they mention a child, pet, holiday? Keep note of these and use them in conversation. I use Trello to help organise the connections I make. I include their social media links on their too. Networking can be a great way to make friends too. Some of my closest friends have been made through networking. Networking is a great way to build collaborations too. Collaborations are a great way to refer clients to each other and even offer a joint service.

Networking is an Investment

The cost of networking can vary, depending on the group and area. There are some networking groups for free; some groups will charge you four figures a year. Some groups will have conditions on joining the group; for example, you must recruit X amount of people over X number of months. You need to way up what is best for you. I have found that the groups in which are free don’t always attract people who are serious about their business. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve attended many free ones, but sometimes it feels like finding a diamond in the rough, saying that some of the most expensive networking groups haven’t been for me either. The investment depends on your budget, do what is right for you. Many will have a taster session, too, before you sign up.

Networking and Me

I love networking; it changed my life for the better. My favourite networking group is Mums in Business International. I was part of this group shortly after it launched in 2020. I attended Zoom meetings, training and made connections. They are unique because they are 100% child friendly, meaning you can bring your child(ren) along to the networking events/training. They have local networking groups as well as International Support groups. As well as networking, they offer a variety of courses, all of which are affordable to female business owners.

In May 2021, I became the local network leader for Glasgow and Lanarkshire. With almost 1000 local ladies in the group, we have met both on Zoom and in person.

Check out some photos from recent in-person networking events.

To find out more about the group click here

Overall, networking is needed in business. If you’re not sure, take a friend, go along and give it a try. You might surprise yourself in how much you enjoy it. Much Love,


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