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Top Five Tips: Planning your brand shoot outfits.

Eeek! You've agreed to a Brand Photoshoot, and the planning has started, but what do you wear?

It's natural to want to go out and buy a brand-new wardrobe for your shoot, but first, look to see what you have and look good in the photos. Don't spend extra money if you don't have to.

Here are five things to remember when deciding what to wear for your brand shoot.

Logo's don't need to be everywhere

Automatically as business owners, we think we need to have all clothing items with our business logos everywhere. I've been there, done that, and literally bought the t-shirt.

But you don't have to.

Being on brand shouldn't mean that people need to see your logo or business name anywhere. Having hints of your brand colours in your clothing accessories can be more than enough. You don't need to be head to two in those colours, but enough, so people know.

For example, my brand colours are pink, and I wear many pinks, but for my brand shoot, I wore blues with hints of pink in it or had pink nails. There was no logo's anywhere, yet everyone still knew that it was me and my business in the photographs.

Avoid High Necklines

High necklines are everywhere this season. Yes, they look cosy, and yes, they are great on a winter/autumn day. But for a photo shoot, it makes people look like floating heads. ( and it will also mess your hair/makeup on the day too)

Now, I'm not saying you need to have the boobs out. Keep reading for tips when it comes to the girls.

My best advice is not to wear a neckline above the collar bone. Showing off your neck helps to make you look the best in your brand photoshoot, including:

• Elongates your posture

• Reduces shadowing under chin

• Reduces double chins (even if you don't have one, polo-necks can make it look like one)

• Reduces distractions in the photos; your client's subconscious will be looking at the high neckline, trying to see your neck and not paying attention to the real reason for the photograph.

Keep Makeup Natural

I recommend investing in a good make-up artist for your brand shoot but keep it natural. Anyone working on T.V/Film, even men, will wear make-up in front of the camera. Cosmetics, including a good foundation and powder, helps reduce skin shiny-ness and emphasise your beautiful facial features. Having your make-up professionally done will help make you feel a million dollars during your shoot; who doesn't love a pamper session, right?

The MUA (Makeup Artist) must understand make-up for the camera, as it needs to apply slightly heavier than you would have, going out on a day-to-day basis, for it to show up on the camera. Heavier make-up for being on camera CAN be created while still achieving a natural make-up look.

Personally, owning over 100 lipsticks and loving a bold lip, it's not always the best for your photoshoot, and I would recommend avoiding, unless you are known to wear bold lipstick and heavy make-up in your business, and it's grown as part of your brand.

Remember, Brands shoots are about you, your brand and building the know like and trust and show who you are.

Side Note - If you are looking for an incredible lipstick that won't go on your teeth during your photoshoot, check out LipSense. I used to recommend it to brides and wear it all the time.

It's my own personal go to lipstick and it doesn't even smudge under face masks. For more info speak to Becky Mitchell and tell her, Zaria sent you. She'll help find the perfect colour for you too. You can find Becky here or shop directly here

Avoid Bold Patterns, especially Stripes!

We want people to see you and your gorgeous face in your brand photos; you are the face of your business at the end of the day.

Patterns can distract the client's eye when looking at the images. It's a natural thing everyone does, and we are subconsciously attracted to it as our mind is trying to look and work out the pattern. Again, distractions stop the client from realising the purpose of the photographs telling them about your business.

To make the most, go with a single bold print, you know, the ones that are one single colour material. It doesn't need to look dull. You can dress it up with accessories, like a costume necklace or earrings. By wearing a single colour

Remember T*t's & Teeth

We can't forget the final two essential things that are often overlooked for brand photos, our boobs and teeth. You may be thinking, but why Zaria are you bringing this up?

Okay, here me out.

Teeth - bring a compact on the day, and make sure there is no food stuck in them AND no lipstick on the teeth. I always pay attention to details, but lipstick can be a little bugger and slip on quickly.

T*t's – Okay, ladies, we are all guilty of having that super comfy bra we wear ALL the time… but is it supporting the girls? In your brand photo's an unsupportive bra can be noticeable. Now, if you are happy with the ta-tas to hang free… you have my full support. (not literally, you know what I mean, haha)

Investing in a good fitting bra that makes you feel sexy and confident will show in your photographs. It will also help improve your posture on the day. When we feel good about ourselves, it radiant out, and confidence will show in the photographs.

While talking about underwear, make sure you have comfy pants (as there's nothing worse than posing for photo's feeling like you have a cheese grater between your cheeks) or if you prefer a good pair of spanks to help emphasise your shape.

In the words of Veronica Webb' Underwear is everything because we all know if we have on the wrong pair of underwear, it ruins your day.


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