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Brandshoot with Linzi Kavanagh Divorce Coach

The world may be losing colour, but Linzi Kavanagh Divorce Coach is certainly not!

When Linzi initially sent me her brand colours, my heart skipped a beat. With almost TRIPLE the colours I would recommend, she had it all happening. When I saw Linzi and her home, I totally understood why the colours were what she had. Linzi is a divorce coach. She helps women through the journey of divorce and shows that life can be positive after separation, without sugar coating it. Using her own first-hand experience along with professional training, she is a true inspiration.

One of the first things Linzi said to me was that she wanted a beach shoot. Would you believe me if I said that the beach, I suggested Linzi was only a few minutes' drive from where she had in mind... we knew it was meant to be.

We started the day with taking photographs at Linzi’s beautiful, colourful home. #HomeGoals right there. Linzi really wanted photographs with her dog Betsie, but Betsie was having NONE of it. It was hysterical as she was full on Diva, Betsie that is, not Linzi. After photographing at Linzi’s home, we headed out in the car to Gullane. First stop was the Cherish Vintage Tearoom & Emporium. A Huge shout out to the ladies there, who were super accommodating. After some photos and a quick bite to eat, off to the beach we went. It’s fair to say at the beach we lost total track of time. We noticed the time after 7pm, when originally, I had been at Liniz’s house for 10:30am... ooops! We were having so much fun, the sun was shining, although we were working, it did not feel like it at all. From photos in the dunes to me up to my knees in the sea, capturing the perfect shot of Linzi, we had it all. We decided to wrap up a fantastic shoot with chips while watching the world go by. Unfortunately, the workers decided to have other plans for us on the way home, which resulted in a massive detour and over 2-hour drive home. Thus, resulting in my longest brand shoot ever, lol!

That aside, I absolutely loved our photoshoot, the energy, the laughter and the beach. Take a look for yourself.

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