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Brandshoot with Boddice Accounting; If it's not working, I'll say!

When someone says ‘Accountant’ what do you think? In a black suit, poorly lit office and mess everywhere and no smiles? This is exactly what Vicky Boddice, from Boddice Accountancy, did not want to come across like in her business. Vicky’s brief included that she didn’t want to look like your typical accountant. Vicky at the time worked away from an office and really isn’t your typical accountant. Our original planned photoshoot wasn’t going fully to plan. Vicky hadn't long moved into a new office and that's where we were doing the photos. The photos on the day looked great, but it wasn't fitting what Vicky asked and then the weather went against us. I guess that is a risk you take photographing in January. We decided to re-shoot, something different, a week later and what an excellent choice that was. Although it was winter, the lighting was beautiful and we created amazing images in the walled garden at Dollar Park, Falkirk. Like seriously, how many accountants have photoshoots in walled gardens?? There was a mixture of business images and fun images, along with the ones previously taken in the office. It was such a fab selection. Vicky has been consistent in using her images, especially on LinkedIn and it has helped drive so much more business for her.

Want to see some of the final images? Keep scrolling for a nosey. Fancy your own creative Brand Photoshoot to attract new customers? Book in for a call here to find out more.

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