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Top Three Tips To Finding Images For Your Business

Using images without permission from the photographer can lead to hefty bills and cease and desists landing on your doorstep. It's not worth the hassle OR the bill you could receive. You wouldn't like someone taking your products or services, without paying, would you? No, and that's what is exactly happening to the photographer when you do this.

You could take your own photographs, but let's face it, your probably turning to google, to save time and may not be confident in taking them.

Here are my top THREE tips to save you time and money while still using professional images for your business.

1. Purchasing Images

There are many websites where you can go and purchase photographs for your business. These can vary from free to £19 per month to £275+ per image.


  • You can see exactly what you can and cannot use the image for in your business.

  • You will have proof of purchasing the photos.

  • You will have a commercial licence for use.


  • They won't look consistent as it will be multiple different photographers.

  • It might not be precisely what you are looking for

  • It can be time-consuming to look for the right image.

  • It can become costly very quickly.

If you see an image you like, you can contact the photographer direct and ask to use it for your business. Make sure they give you a licence agreement to keep you both right.

2. Using creator sites with free images

Websites and apps like Canva and WordSwag, are becoming exceedingly more popular with creatives and business owners. It can be a quick and convenient way to create graphics and content. They also include 'free' images as part of your subscription to the service.


  • They're at your fingertips

  • They can come in already pre-made graphics to use


  • EVERYONE uses them!

  • It can take a lot of time to find the images you want that fits your brand

  • They are not always available for commercial use.

(read the small print)

  • It doesn't give you the consistent feel/look of your brand

Number 3 - Professional photoshoot

What better way to have your own unique content for your business than having your own photoshoot. Whether it's a whole brand shoot or product shots, it can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your business. It also helps build trust value with your current and future clients. No


  • Your own bank of unique images at your fingertips - saving you time!

  • Consistent on-brand look

  • Individual bespoke photos that no other business owners will have

  • Algorithms LOVE unique content

  • Allows you to build the know like and trust with your clients

  • Add your own logo/text to image with confidence knowing they are yous.


  • It can be an expense you are not ready for in your business; speak to your photographer and see their options. Remember, it's an investment.

  • You might not feel you want to be seen in your own photographs (feel this way? 90% of my clients do too! Speak to your photographer about these concerns, there's lots of different ways to pose.)

No matter what option you decide, keep yourself right. Convenience is never worth stealing someone else's work, just to save you some time.

To find out more about how a Brand Shoot could work for your business, drop me a message and let's chat.


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